Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Tribute to a real man

This past week, a good man died in a freak accident. Norman Kaiser, a local businessman and community leader passed away after being struck by a car at his carwash.

Norman was a great businessman. He owned CVR Rentals, a local tool and party rental company. He had his hand in numerous other businesses and always rose above the current economic conditions. I found him to be evenhanded in his business dealings and a man of his word. Which is hard to come by today.

His success as a community leader made him that much more a hero of mine. He helped start the Waynesboro Boys and Girls Club, was instrumental in the local United Way and was always there when people needed him.

Norman died at the age of 70, but you would never have guessed his age by his energy.

He was a real star who will be saddly missed.