Friday, December 29, 2006

Me as the Blogger and Reader

Okay, so I suck at sticking to this blogging thing. To be honest, I equate blogging to the "message in a bottle" method of communication. Here I am on a little island writing all this stuff, but with little feedback from those that are reading it.

Therefore, this year, I am going to change my tone a little bit. Instead of assuming there are readers out there, I am going to assume that no one at all will be reading this crap. When you think about it, it is very liberating. It kinda makes me feel like Nancy Drew and her little diary. (Of course, I never ready any Nancy Drew books!)

Alright, so just in case I wake up with amnesia one day, here is what is going on in my little business world:

DeWitt Crossing is still moving along. I have gotten the road plans approved and am heading into the deepest debt of my life in order to swing for the fences. It is a real joy to see this place being built. I believe it will be great addition to the community.

RentQuick is in the process of re-tooling. I have developed a Access database that allows us to track our inventory through the special world of meetings and event rentals. This much I do know from this project: Access is a powerful program and I don't know enough about it.

As a result, I have hired a specialist, John Raleigh ( to help with some of the more technical parts of the system. When complete, it should make our lives here much better, plus give us more information about the movement of the inventory.

We have a new tenant: Bradford and Catchings Dentistry. They are great people who have moved from New Orleans to be in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. They are in the process of building out their rental space and should be moved in during February.

Finally, I have returned to teaching. The Augusta Regional Chamber of Commerce put a call out for anyone wanting to do seminars. I thought it would be nice to get back into the classroom again. When I was in the Marines, I taught quite a bit and always enjoyed it. My first seminar for the Chamber was "The First-Time Manager". I had 13 students, (all women!) and had pretty good reviews. Although I did get one bad review, but I blame the reviewer on that one. (Note: if you consider yourself a seasoned manager, don't take a course called First-Time Manager!)

So now Christmas is over and 2007 is fast approaching. I wish I had some words of wisdom for myself, but I don't. My resolutions are to work out three days a week and to delegate more.

I will not make any promises on when I will post again. For all I know, I may never talk to myself again!