Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yet Another Zeus Update March 21, 2010

Okay, I have gotten some questions regarding Zeus:

1. When will you open? 

Thanks to the wet winter, we are looking at an October 1, 2010 opening.

2. Will you have first run movies?

Yes, we will carry the major, first run movies.

3. What will it cost for admission and concessions?

We will be matching the same prices that you see at the area Regal Cinemas.

4. When will you be hiring?

We expect to be holding "casting calls" in August and hiring people by mid-September.

5. Will you carry 3D movies?

Yes, we are starting with 2 3D screens and will quickly ramp up to 4 screens based upon Hollywood releases.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Zeus Update: March 4, 2010

Lots happening on the theater. First, the weather is finally breaking. It has been the worst Winter on record here which has stopped all our work. That is about to change.

While this was going on, we made some changes to the building. Now, instead of using 9 1/2 inch concrete tilt up walls on the exterior perimeter of the building, we will be using a steel stud system that is skinned with 2" of concrete. It is way lighter, which will allow us to save money on the footers and foundation.

The lobby designs are done. I am using a cool laser show to put the stars up over the open area. This is far more economical than putting thousands of fiber optic strands up in the ceiling. It looks awesome.

Steve LeRose, our new General Manager, is finishing his move from RentQuick to Zeus. We have hired his replacement at RentQuick and things are transitioning well.

The seats  have been ordered. The stadium seating is ordered. We are waiting on the final numbers for the projectors, but I expect to have them ordered by the end of the month. I am still unsure about some of the concession equipment, but that will fall into place quickly.

A good thing is that 52" LCD 1080p screens are dropping in price. I need to put in a bunch of these, so the better prices help.

All in all, I am looking at spending close to $6 Million on this project. I need to work day and night at the printing press to put that out in $20 bills. (Just kidding Secret Service guys!).