Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Zeus Digital Theaters

Zeus Digital Theaters is my new project. Zeus is an 8-screen, all digital theater being built in Waynesboro, Virginia. The theater is going in on my DeWitt Crossing project.

When I do a new project, people have a hard time catching up with the concept. So below is my little Q&A Interview with myself on the subject.

So, you are building a new theater in Waynesboro. Why there and why now?

Waynesboro is the perfect market for a new movie theater. Why there isn't one already is beyond me. I think the easy answer is that most theater companies overlook Waynesboro because the demographics don't look right on a map due to Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway. However, I know the market very well and expect it to perform nicely for this theater.

Why did you call it Zeus?

We all know about the Apollo Theater and the Mercury Theater, but there is no Zeus Theater. Greek gods are great for theater names simply because they invoke the fantasy that is shown in the movies. Zeus works especially well since his icon is the lightning bolt which loosely translates into digital projection.

What is special about the theater?

First, it is the only all digital, stadium seating theater that I have found in Virginia. Second, it will have more Digital 3D screens than any other theater within a 2 hour drive. Finally, the theater will have a retail store inside that focuses on movie related tshirts, toys and accessories.

What is so great about digital projection?

Since 1929, theaters have been showing movies using film. This 35mm film project has held up well for 80 years, however, the movie studios are moving to digital systems which have a number of benefits. With a digital movie, there is no physical print which means that the quality of the image does not decrease with each showing as it does with 35mm.

Also, digital gives us the ability to show 3D films. Finally, digital allows us to show locally produced movies from the public.