Friday, October 26, 2007

Giving 110%

Last night I was watching Survivor. (Don't even ask!) On it, the Lunch Lady stated that she always gives one hundred and ten percent. Not to sound like a jerk or anything, but how is that possible?

If someone tells me they give 110%, my response is always, "Why not 195%? Why are you holding back?"

This seems to be a habit for jocks more so than others. Although whenever an employee is in trouble, they are quick to point out that they give it 1,000%. No kidding!

For me, I like to give it 5%, but have that increase at a rate of prime + 1 then have that amount compound daily with a balloon on Fridays. Ha! Beat that!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Why I Am A Raging Libertarian

When I tell people that I am a libertarian, they often mistakenly believe that I am a liberal. So before I go any further, let me explain what a libertarian generally believes.

A libertarian believes in small government, less intrusion, private property rights, fewer laws, less regulation, more independence, more logic, and more freedom. It is actually pretty simple, really: Leave me the hell alone!

Here are a few of the major gripes I have:

1. If I own property, I should be able to do with it what I wish, so long as I am not hurting anyone else. However, the codes, zoning, restrictions and regulation put on my private property are getting onerous. Thirty years ago, there were no zoning regulations. If you wanted to put a hotel out in the middle of now where, then you could. You took the risk that it would be successful. Today, I can't so much as add a parking space to my building without going through a lengthy approval process with the county staff. I am not asking to be able to build a fire-death-trap building, but lay off already.

2. Our prisons are filled with people who are not criminals. In the United States, we have a greater percentage of our population locked up than any other developed country in the world. This isn't because we are all godless killers. It is because we have so many crimes that lack victims. If a guy is smoking weed (a natural plant that grows in the ground), then who is the victim. It is his body. He didn't kill anyone, hurt anyone or steal anything. Our government locks this guy up for 3 to 5 years, takes away his ability to make an honest living, and puts him in an environment where he will become a real criminal. America is supposed to be the land of the free. Let's actually let people be free. Lock up the guys that hurt others, but if there is no victim, then there is no crime.

3. Conservatives say they are for smaller government, but they actually want more government intrusion. Libertarians say, "If there isn't a victim, then butt out." Liberals want to take away people's right to fail. Everyone is a winner. Libertarians say, "Let me succeed or fail based on what I can or cannot do." All this is based upon the concept of freedom. Freedom of movement, freedom of expression, freedom of thought, and freedom of risk.

If a couple of men want to own property together and do the dirty in their own homes, why is that a problem? If I choose to paint my house blue or red or pink or yellow, why can't I? If I want to start up a business to make money, why should I need to check with the government first?

I could rant about this stuff all day long. The biggest frustration I have is that my voice is not heard. There are no national candidates that speak the way I think. I am an American without representation.