Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How We Can Fix It

Over the past several months, the news about the economy is getting worse. Some people would look at this and blame it on a so-called "media bias" who is just talking about the bad news. But if you have lost your job, or know someone who has lost their job then things are quite so theoretical. Reality become very real.

The problems with the economy are huge. These are big problems that are being handled by the big people. The greatest economists, financiers and political leaders are hard at work on a solution. Right?

Does that mean we little people have no ability to fix things? Or is our only role in this as consumers who must go shopping?

My answer is that we "little people" have lots of power. Collectively we are the ones who control the economy anyway. Last year, the United States produced $14.4 Trillion. Most of that money was produced not by the big time investment bankers, but instead by small business. Don't believe me? Look around for all the big companies in your neighborhood. Now ignore them and look at all the little companies. You can do this in a phone book too.

Sure, Walmart is there. But so is S&K Mini Escavating and DDR Engineering. Most of the buildings in an average city (not NYC or Chicago) are owned by private investors. Do you think there is an equivalent to Walmart in the architectural field, or dentistry, or title company? Nope, they are all little guys doing big things.

So while you hear about all these big companies failing and costing the tax payers big money, just remember that the little guys are holding in there. They are the ones who can fix the economy by simply doing what they already do: thrive regardless of the economy.

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