Monday, June 06, 2005

Finally, I can see the light

What a busy month. May was by far the busiest we have been in a while. Not only did we have to settle into the new building for Tents and Events, but we had a record month for Tents as well. That meant working on the warehouse in between serving the customers.

Luckily, we have good crews. We are still separating the wheat from the chaff, though. Last week at the Shenandoah Harley Davidson dealership's grand opening, we had a guy walk off the job. Someone had asked him to move a tent that he hadn't even set up yet and he just quit. I guess the only way to truly find out what someone is made of is to put that kind of intense, overwhelming pressure on them and see if they crack. (That is a smart ass comment!)

On the Hayes Investments side, we have met the deadline and submitted the Master Plan for Dewitt Crossing. (Check www. later this week to see it.) This development is going to be fantastic. We are going to make it very pedestrian friendly as well as control the signage and building designs.

Finally, on we are having a great month with plenty of new activity. I did stop the search engine optimization program. In my experience, it looks like the pay per click program is far better in terms of ROI.

I will try to update the blog more often. Later for now.

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