Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Results from the Public Hearing

Last night was loads of fun at the public hearing for our DeWitt Crossing project. I didn't expect any real problems and luckily there weren't any.

We had a few property owners who needed clarification on how storm water management works. I am not sure if they understood it completely, but in a nutshell, we won't flood their properties. Properties that are flooding now, will continue to flood, but not because of our development.

Yesterday was alot of fun because I had two interviews with local TV stations. One was with WHSV-TV3 from Harrisonburg: here. The other was with Tamara Hinton with NBC 29 from Charlottesville. It is always fun to do interviews, but dangerous. If you say the wrong thing, they can easily take it out of context and get you into trouble.

Last night we were able to announce that Grand Home Furnishings was going to be our first builder. I am so happy to have Grand as a part of the project. They will build a 45,000 sq/ft showroom that will be a tremendous addition to the area. They are a perfect first step, since they are a regional company who is investing in Waynesboro.

My next step is to get a recommendation from the Waynesboro Planning Commission next week. I will give updates as they take place.

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