Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Rezoning Public Hearing is Tonight

Tonight, we go before the Waynesboro City Council and the Planning Commission on the DeWitt Crossing Project. It has been a busy day.

We made the front page of the News Virginian and this afternoon, I was interviewed by TV-3 for the 6 O'Clock News. There is lots of interest in the project mainly because we are going before the city council.

I have prepared as best as I can for the meeting by organizing my notes and reviewing the precedents set down by the City in their comprehensive plan and zoning ordinances. Of course, I am not expecting opposition to the project, but I welcome the discussion none the less.

When people show up at a public hearing to rally against a rezoning, they are often at a disadvantage. Usually, by the time the public hearing is held, all the technical aspects of the project have been hashed out. They only have emotion to run on, which isn't really grounds for taking away a property owner's rights.

After this meeting, there are three additional meetings that will follow. One for just the planning commission, one for the city council to hear the planning commission recommendations, and one for the actual vote.

I will update the site with info on how things go through out the process. (Oh, the excitement!)

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