Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Unfounded Economic Predictions

As I watch all the "experts" predict everything from the price of oil to the growth of the economy, I am reminded of how often they are wrong. In June, 2008, the experts predicted that oil was going to hit $200/barrel. Six months later it was around $35. In 2001, the experts predicted the Dow Jones Industrials to hit 20,000. It is still in the11k to 12k range today.

As it turns out, you don't have to be right to make predictions. In fact, you can just blurt out some outrageous statement in the hopes that it will turn out that way and you will be hailed at a seer. So in my hopes of meeting Oprah (and her subsequently buying me a car), I thought I would make some wild predictions as well. It is important to put these things down in writing so there is proof that I made the prediction beforehand. Then if it comes true, I can hit pay-dirt.

1. China will have a civil war and drop back behind Japan in terms of GDP.
2. Osama Bin Laden will be found hiding in a Super 8 in Ohio watching pay-per-view wrestling.
3. The price of gold will drop below $1,000/oz. as the economy recovers.
4. Upon the death of Fidel Castro, a huge influx of American investments will turn the country into a Caribbean Vegas.
5. The next bubble will be in apartment construction.
6. 3D Televisions will not sell well. In 2013, they will cease to make them.
7. Apple Computer will buy Microsoft.
8. Microsoft will accidentally buy a part of itself that it already owns.
9. Out of the Middle East turmoil, a true leader will emerge who focuses on ending hunger and suffering of his people.
10. We will find a path to cold fusion which will change the political dynamics of the world much the same way that finding oil in the Saudi Desert did 70 years ago.

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