Monday, January 11, 2010

Lobby Interior Designs

In looking at the interior of the lobby, I have been working for the past few days on a design that will work well.

I know that I will have some (not many) Doric Columns in the lobby. For instance, at the ticket booth and the entrance to the retail space. The bigger problem has been how to handle the ceiling. Unfinished the ceiling is 30' tall. So we have a lobby that is 60x60 with a ceiling of 30' tall. That is pretty big. The huge space overhead would be a noticeable void.

To fix it, I have come up with a new idea. I will drop platforms at 20' high. These platforms will be 10x10 with a 2x2 grid inside them. The tiles in the grid will be as below:


Hanging from the center of these tiles will be a pendant bowl light fixture. There will be two sizes. One will be 60" wide the others will be 36" wide. 

Once we add some LED accent lighting on the platform, we are underway. I would put five of the platforms in the lobby with the remaining space open to the 30'. You won't be able to see the upper ceiling since it will be painted black and there will not be any lights up there. This should fill the space, lower the ceiling, give the ceiling depth and interest and add lighting to the lobby. 

I am in the process of running this by the architects. If it works, then we are way cool. 

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