Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Update on Zeus Digital Theaters

Much has happened since my last post.

We have started work on the site and are about to begin construction of the building. The weather has been awful, but that is okay. We will continue to work around the snow, ice and rain. I have been through and seen worse.
  • Steve LeRose, my long time friend and confidant, will be the General Manager. He will be leaving RentQuick in March and moving over to the Zeus payroll. Rick Burns will take over running RentQuick. 
  • We have selected Barco digital projectors for the theater. We will use Dolby 3D in two of the auditoriums. 
  • We will have full rocker seats. Each seat will have the Zeus logo on the head rest. The seats will be black leather. 
  • Total seats in the theater is 1,106. 
  • We are about to get a parking variance from the city, which will leave us with 278 parking spaces. 
  • The facade of the theater will be brick with accents. 
  • I am still evaluating whether or not to have a coffee bar in the lobby with cappuccinos. 
  • We have Zeus t-shirts that are showing up all over town. Only the coolest kids are wearing them. 
  • We still expect to open the theater on September 1, 2010. 


clf said...

I'd love to see that coffee bar in the lobby. Could you also include fruit smoothies in the menu, even if you can't serve them initially at the opening of the theatre. Also, will you be featuring a Independent film or a "Hollywood" film? (When I say "Hollywood", I mean the type of films that they show at Regal Cinemas) I'm looking forward to coming to Zeus this fall.

: )

Brett Hayes said...


We will be showing the same films as what you would see at a Regal. Every now and then, we will show an independent.

The coffee bar is in the works. As for fruit smoothies, I plan to do just that: try them out after we get open for a while.

Glad to hear you are looking forward to the theater. Things will begin to look good as soon as the weather warms up a bit and all the snow goes away.

Josiah said...

When will you be hiring? Will you hire high schoolers? I am really looking forward to this theater and I hope I can get a job there!

Sandy said...

When will you be taking applications? I am retired and would love to get a part time job there. I'm so happy a movie theatre is finally coming to Waynesboro---Yea!!! Sandy