Thursday, January 21, 2010

My typically interesting day

Today was a very interesting day, but strangely enough it wasn't unusual. Here is a sample of what I dealt with today:

8-10 am
Spent most of the morning on the phone and hung out with the wife at the house. Phone calls were about footers, tilt up walls and Haiti relief. I played with my cat, watched some news and listened to some music.

11:00 am
I dropped by Mark's house to discuss the Rotary meeting at noon. Mark is the current club President. I give Mark a ride to the meeting.

12:00 pm
 At the Waynesboro Rotary lunch I met with Laurie on a loan renewal, discussed Sarah's trip to Mexico and Paige's new teeth whitening plans. I then spoke for a few minutes about raising funds for la Gonave in Haiti. I supported a matching funds request from the Foundation in what was the quickest Trustee meeting ever. Ten minutes later we had $6,600 raised. I make a recommendation to someone for an attorney. John mentions a secret party that he should not be talking about.

1:15 pm
I drive Mark home after Rotary and then check to see that I have four messages: two contractors looking for work, a reporter, and an architect in Michigan who wanted to give me some ideas on the theater.

1:45 pm
I arrive at RentQuick and assemble the first of the sample theater seats. I meet with a possible new hire. Steve and I talk about the theater, RentQuick and a bunch of other things.

2:15 pm
I talk with Linda about the Haiti funds. She and I brainstorm on ways to get stuff to la Ganove. She has been talking with Cuban rebels about using their sea-plane. I suggest using a large dive boat that operates in the area. I regret not knowing any Columbian drug lords who owe me a favor.

3:00 pm
I talk with the architect from Michigan. We discuss efficiency ratios on the theater, structural steel and how he would change my plans. Ultimately, I am happy with the plan I have.

3:19 pm
I check on BlackBear Title and there is no answer. They are on the phone.

3:25 pm
I contact some Scuba shops and see if any have contacts in the Caribbean who would have a dive boat for hire. No luck.

3:35 pm
I talk with Jerry in LA about the new seats.  The maroon will not work with the logo. Other than that, it looks good. LA is getting bad rain. I still need to see the seats from Irwin.

4:16 pm
I drop by Jeb's home office. He runs a new business idea by me. It sounds really good. Very viral. I pay him for paintballs and we plan to do a match soon on his course. His kid played Chopsticks in the next room while we spoke.

5:15 pm
I return home, pick out some cabinet colors and corian tops for the concession stand. I catch up on emails, write a little, eat dinner and hang out with the boys.

6:15 pm
I get the updated concession plans with the equipment cut sheets. Still no pricing yet. The files are huge and would kill my printer if I tried to print.

7:00 pm
I finish writing this blog post. About to go play Modern Warfare II if I can get my wife off the internet.

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