Saturday, April 03, 2010

Zeus Update: April 3, 2010

We are finally under way with the construction. The weather has broken and we have enjoyed a full week of moving dirt to the pad. On Monday, we will begin the footers which will be a very nice thing.

In other news, the theater plans are pretty much complete. Steve will begin working on an employee handbook next week. I will be focused on getting the building up.

On the rest of the project, I have a feeling there are just too many signs. This week, I will be going "dark" on my marketing for the remaining commercial real estate. The signs have been up all through the recession, but I now feel it is time to take them down. If someone wants to buy or lease land from me, they will have to seek me out. I will no longer call these national companies and beg them to consider my property for their next expansion. If they are interested, then they can call me.

As for the rest of the timing, it looks like October 1, 2010 will be our grand opening. Once we get the building under roof, weather won't be a factor any longer. We should be able to work 6 days a week and finish everything on time.

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