Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Long Wait

After I place a contract on some new property, there is the invariable long wait. This can be a period of self doubt, nervousness and general angst. I have had people come up to me and mention that so and so is going to buy the very same property I was looking at. Then you start to notice all the bad things about the property. Maybe you drive by it one time too many and begin to ask yourself what in the world you are doing.

The worst part is the attorneys. They are never in a rush to get anything done. For instance, I have been waiting for better than two weeks on this contract right now. In fact, I am begining to wonder if they forgot about me. To make matters worse, most real estate agents aren't in much hurry either.

I spoke to one guy in Staunton last week about a building he has for sale. Actually, the building I called him about three months ago, just sold but he never returned my call. Now, I am trying to get a bit of info on the next building and this guy still hasn't called me back. Maybe he died or something.

I can never get over the fact that most people are in business to avoid doing business.

Meanwhile, the long wait continues.

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