Friday, March 11, 2005

Trying New Ideas

Right now we are chugging along. Tents and Events is growing quickly, although the new building is not yet finished and we are in danger of losing our warehouse where we are renting.

Rentquick is going fine, but not as good as I would like to see. I have been toying with the price/volume mix and am thinking about running a test on our google advertising. I am thinking that I should try to run our best projector at $99/day and see how the market responds. I give it the weekend to run some more numbers. The real risk is that if I were to do this, we could see revenue drop quickly with no increase in profits. I will just have to test it first.

Hayes Investments is still in the process of selling off some of our commercial property and getting ready for a new project. I have my eye on some 33 acres in Waynesboro, but still have yet to get a reply to my offer. Hopefully, this will work out. I haven't given up on buying an old downtown building in Staunton, but I doubt that I will. I have little experience in redevelopment and don't feel like being risky.

I will try to talk more about the business issues in coming days and find my voice for this blog.

Take care.

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