Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Back from Jackson Hole, WY

I am just returning from my trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. What a cool place. I was attending the Steep and Deep skiing camp which is put on my the Jackson Hole Ski Resort. To be honest, this was some of the best skiing of my life. I really enjoyed it and learned quite a bit.

Today I returned to the office and found a pile of bills and work to catch up on. While I was gone, we received our new 200 pipe and drape booths for Tents and Events. This is exciting to me (Yeah, sick huh?) since this is a whole new arena for us. Interestingly, we are already using them a good bit.

A big part of what I do is create marketing materials for the company. Right now, I am way behind in my work. I need to create a whole set of slicks for Tents and Events, a new page for the walkie talkie sets, the RentQuick March newsletter and about five other things. Since I have so much work, it made sence to go home for lunch and go sledding with my boys.

Back to work...

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