Friday, September 16, 2005

Focusing On Marketing

I have been working on marketing more and more over the past month. Marketing can be a total pain in the neck because it never works out the way you expect it to.

For instance, we just ended a year long print ad with an industry magazine. I can honestly say it didn't bring in a single customer.

I have found that the best way to grow the business has been to focus on serving the needs of the clients you have. Serve them really well and everything else takes care of itself.

Our new ProjectorCare service is a little different. Since it is new, we don't have a long list of happy clients who will sing our praises. Although, the service is exactly like what we are already doing: providing equipment where it is needed when it is needed and supporting the people who use it. The only difference is who owns the equipment.

So my struggles now are in how to market this service in a way that works without breaking the bank. I do believe this will be our most successful venture though. There is just too much pain out there in IT departments playing the role of AV Librarians for it not to work.

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