Friday, August 19, 2005

The Search for New Business Ideas

So my little brain has been working overtime on this whole concept of a new business. In my search, I have noticed something. The entire idea of making money entirely electronically (ie web based 100%) seems to have a bad rap.

Yes, there are some firms out there doing it. Yes, this is nothing new. Yes, I could have been in on the ponzai schemes of the mid-Nineties. (Don't give me any of your crap sonny-boy, I bought Yahoo! on the day of the IPO for $19.)

What I am talking about is real business plans that make real money without needing un-goddly amounts of startup capital. I believe the net has moved to the level that it is now possible to do this without the huge venture-to-IPO plan for funding. I think we are at a point where the business can be funded by a single person (me) and cash flow. I know what you are saying: There is now way a little guy can compete against the net monsters. You would be correct.

I am not talking about competing against the monsters. I am talking about narrow markets with clear economic benefits from a particular service.

I will try to spend a good bit of time over the next few weeks explaining how all of this works and what idea I ultimately go after.

Stay tuned.

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