Saturday, August 13, 2005

Summer Sucks

Okay, this is a tough one for me to write. Since my last post, there have been some pretty major changes in my business. I won't go into it now, but it brings to mind the real reason why I went into business in the first place.

When tough times hit, I like to regroup and focus on why I am doing what I do. Do I do it for the money? To some extent, yes. For instance, if I weren't making any money, would I continue? The answer is no, so therefore money is a factor.

But money is not the only factor. There are some projects where I could have made more working for someone else. Certainly, the lifestyle of an entreprenuer fits into my choices. It is a pretty good lifestyle for a person who is independent. I create my own rules and in some cases, my own demise. But at the same time, I create my own future. When I look at where I am at in my life, I smile. (See, I am a sensitive guy!)

Okay, so money and lifestyle are factors. Is there anything else? I would say that purpose is the next big factor. I like having a purpose or better yet, solving a problem. For instance, how happy could I be if I just traded stocks everyday. I wouldn't really solve anything or create anything. Instead, it would be the typical day trading where I plop down money and hope to rake more than I plop. That certainly meets the first two factors: money and lifestyle. But it leaves out purpose.

I would never be happy being a day-trader simply because I would not have a sense of purpose in what I was doing.

So there you have it, all neat and summed up for your consumption. Money, lifestyle and purpose. I am sure there are more factors, but those are the three that I can spell withou much help.

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